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simplex-noise.js 4.0 & Synthwave Demo

Screenshot of the demo View the synthwave demo

I’ve just released version 4.0 of simplex-noise.js. Based on user feedback the new version supports tree shaking and cleans up the API a bit. As a nice little bonus, it’s also about 20% - 30% faster.

It also removes the bundled PRNG to focus the library down to one thing - providing smooth noise in multiple dimensions.

The API Change

The following bit of code should illustrate the changes to the API well:

// 3.x forces you to import everything at once
import SimplexNoise from 'simplex-noise';
const simplex = new SimplexNoise();
const value2d = simplex.noise2D(x, y);
// 4.x allows you to import just the functions you need
import { createNoise2D } from 'simplex-noise';
const noise2D = createNoise2D();
const value2d = noise2D(x, y);

Tree shaking

Thew new API enables javascript bundler to perform tree shaking. Essentially dead code removal based on imports and exports.

Tree shaking reduces the size of bundled javascript by leaving out code that isn’t used. As author of a library it enables me to worry less about the bundle size impact of features that might not be used by the majority of users.

A little demo to celebrate

The release of 4.0 and getting over 1’000 stars on github was a good excuse to write a little demo to celebrate. For some extra fun I’ve decided to constrain myself to code a bit like I did in 2010 again. Canvas 2d only. No WebGL. :)

The performance implications of that decision are pretty terrible but it’s not like the world needs a demo to proof that quads can be rendered more quickly anyways. ;)

The demo uses 2 octaves of 2d noise from simplex-noise.js in a FBM configuration. The noise is then modulated with a few sine waves to create a twisting road, mountains and more flat plains.

At the highest resolutions the demo is pushing 4096 quads/frame! A bit more than the SuperFX Chip on SNES could handle. ;)

If you are interested in more details the code is available on github.

The future

With tree shaking reducing the impact of rarely used code it could be fun to add a few more features to simplex-noise.js in the future. A few ideas that come to mind are: