29a.ch by Jonas Wagner

Smartcrop.js 1.0

smartcrop illustration

I’ve just released version 1.0 of smartcrop.js. Smartcrop.js is a javascript library I wrote to perform smart image cropping, mainly for generating good thumbnails. The new version includes much better support for node.js by dropping the canvas dependency (via smartcrop-gm and smartcrop-sharp) as well as support for face detection by providing annotations. The API has been cleaned up a little bit and is now using Promises.

Another little takeaway from this release is that I should set up CI even for my little open source projects. I come to this conclusion after having created a dependency mess using npm link locally which lead to everything working fine on my machine but the published modules being broken. I’ve already set up travis for smartcrop-gm, smartcrop-sharp and simplex-noise.js. More of my projects are likely to follow.