29a.ch by Jonas Wagner

New Website

Updating this website has been long overdue. It has been running on zine, a blog system that's no longer maintained since 2009, for way too long. After looking for a replacement and not finding anything I liked I decided that it would be fun to write my own. ;)

I tried hard not to break any existing content. If something is not working anymore, let me know.

A few details about the system

My new website is maintained by a static website generator and server using nginx. This has the benefit of speed and trivial deployments via rsync. Comments are now handled with disqus.

The system is fairly simple, it takes index.html and meta.json files from content/ and indexes them into a bunch of json files in data/. The html content is then processed using Cheerio. This involves fixing relative links and extracting meta data. After this step the pages are rendered using a few Jade templates. All of this is held together by a small set of Grunt tasks.

Goodbye old website