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Neonflames generative art demo

image created with neonflames
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I think this is my favorite canvas demo I have created so far. It is an interactive drawing tool based on particle effects. It is the result of me trying to create some generative art using canvas. The techniques used are actually pretty similar to the ones shown in my frontendconf talk on particle systems. In short:

p.vx = p.vx*0.8 + getNoise(p.x, p.y, 0)*4+fuzzy(0.1);
p.vy = p.vy*0.8 + getNoise(p.x, p.y, 1)*4+fuzzy(0.1);

p.x += p.vx;
p.y += p.vy;

data[index] = tonemap(hdrdata[index] += r);
data[index+1] = tonemap(hdrdata[index+1] += g);
data[index+2] = tonemap(hdrdata[index+2] += b);

I'm planning to play with a few improvements especially in tone mapping and controls in the future but feel free to take a look at the source on github. I hope you enjoy it.