29a.ch by Jonas Wagner

fuckNaN(), seriously

I generally like dynamic languages and in generally don't run into much trouble with them. Having that said, I hate the way undefined and NaN work in Javascript.

Zombie in Blue

This turns a simple typo into a NaN apocalypse. After half of your numbers have turned into NaNs it's hard to find out where they came from.

var o = {y: 0},
var x = 1/o.x;
var y = x*10;

Setting up traps

So how do you catch stray NaNs? You set up traps. Because it can become very tedious and error prone to have asserts everywhere I wrote a little helper, fuckNaN().

function fuckNaN(obj, name){
    var key = '__' + name;
    obj.__defineGetter__(name, function(){
        return this[key];
    obj.__defineSetter__(name, function(v) {
        // you can also check for isFinite() in here if you'd like to
        if(typeof v !== 'number' || isNaN(v)){
            throw new TypeError(name + ' isNaN');
        this[key] = v;

// Examples
var o = {x: 0};
fuckNaN(o, 'x');
// throws TypeError: x isNaN
o.x = 1/undefined;

// Also works with prototypes
function O(){
    this.x = 0;
fuckNaN(O.prototype, 'x');
var o = new O();

// throws TypeError: x isNaN
o.x = 1/undefined;

Place some of those traps during debug mode in critical locations like your Vector and Matrix classes and they will bring doom and destruction to those NaNs..

Note: This doesn't work in IE<=8 and you shouldn't use it in production. Use it as a tool during development to make your code fail early.