29a.ch by Jonas Wagner

Installing Schaller Security Locks

Today I bought some Schaller Security Locks for my guitars. Well actually I bought one set of Schaller Security Locks and some Fender American Standard strap buttons for my other guitars because they are compatible with the Schaller system.

The Schaller Security Locks are not a theft protection mechanism as the name might convey. They protect you from accidentally dropping your precious guitar because of a loose strap and allow you to quickly swap guitars. You can find more information about them on Schallers website.

I've installed them on the following guitars:

It was really easy to change them on the Schecter C-1 Classic and the Epiphone. I just unscrewed the old strap button and then attached the new ones. It took me less than five minutes to change them.

There were complications when installing them on the B-2 though because on the B-2 one of the strap buttons was attached to a screw of the bolt on neck. So I had to put a little piece of wood in the hole to make it tighter. That took me about 15 minutes.

So now I can use a single strap for all of my guitars without worrying about a loose strap. Great!