29a.ch by Jonas Wagner

Developing ASP.NET without compiling

One of the annoying things when developing webpages with asp.net is the need to compile after every change in the code. When working on a big project this can be a productivity killer.

But there is a way to make asp.net run a page like an interpreter. Just open up the *.aspx file and change name of the CodeBehind attribute to CodeFile. You'll also have to make sure that the codebehind file is not in the assembly anymore. If you are working with visual studio just rightclick the codebehind file (*.aspx.cs), open up the properties and set Build Action to none. Now you'll have to compile one last time to remove the codebehind class from the assembly. After doing that changes to the codebehind file should be active without compiling! Now set the Build Action back to compile, because otherwise intelisense won't work.