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Review: guitarmasterclass.net

screenshotGuitarmasterclass.net teaches you various techniques, licks and songs through video lessons. Each lessons is divided into several short videos. The lessons contain tabs and often also backing tracks and guitar pro files. Every lessons features 2 free videos the other ones are for registered membery only. There is also a free lick of the day worth checking out!

The quality of the videos is quite variable. There are really great lessons, but there are also some incomplete or confusing ones. Still there are more than enough of great lessons. Just pick the ones that suit you best.

Because of licensing issues there are no lessons on songs from popular bands. There are interesting "In the style of some artist" lessons however. From these "in the style of" lessons you can learn more about the artist than by just playing his songs.

Most lessons consist of some licks/riffs and tabs without much talking or theory. I'd personally like to have more explanations and theory.

The Site site isn't very structured. You'll have to figure out what lessons to learn on your own.

But for me, personally, there is one very important thing about this website. It is fun. It's fun to pick a video, look at it and then just play it and improvise on top of it.



Who is it for

I think guitarmasterclass.net is a great site to learn some new licks and to get some inspiration. However I don't think that it is enough to learn how to play guitar from scratch.

If you are just beginning you should also consider different websites or a real teacher.

If you do already take private lessons you should really consider guitarmasterclass.net. It's a great addition to private lessons for a small price!

If use the link bellow to sign up you'll be granted a 10$ discount!

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