Dont-crop is a javascript library to avoid cropping images by padding them with a matching background color or matching the images with a fitting gradient instead.

You can learn more about how to use it on github. To test it with your own images just drag & drop them onto the zone bellow.

Test it with our own image

Drop an image onto this frame or click it to select one.

Or a few test images

Photo by Abed Ismail
Photo by Amit Pritam
Photo by Bob Brewer
Photo by Clement Remond
Photo by David Clode
Photo by Enguerran Urban
Photo by Jeremy Hynes
Photo by Jezael Melgoza
Photo by Kevin Chinchilla
Photo by Nathalia Arantes
Photo by Parsa Mahmoudi
Photo by Sam
Photo by Shio Yang
Photo by Sincerely Media
Photo by Thomas Millot