Lap Analyser


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Welcome to the Lap Analyser

This is a little tool for motorsports enthusiasts. It allows you to gain insight into your laps from nothing more than action camera (such as GoPro) video footage.

It can currently show you lap times, total acceleration, longitudinal acceleration. For laps using cars lateral acceleration is shown, for motorcycles the lean angle is estimated.

Please note that this tool is still at a very early stage. It does contain bugs and lacks a lot of useful features. This also means that your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Open one or more subsequent recordings of a session to get started.

Supported file types:

  • GoPro videos recorded with GPS enabled (.MP4, .LRV)
  • NMEA GPS Recordings (.NMEA, .TXT)

Note: Your file will be processed locally. It will not be uploaded over the internet.

If you don't have any data at hand you can also view an example: